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Dels Telecom is a reputable telecommunication company located in Stuart, FL that provides a range of useful services to the people in the region. We have been in business for over 20 years now and during that time, we have helped numerous people get the wiring they need. On this page, however, we want to tell you more about the fiber optics we install, so if you are interested, just keep reading.

The optical fiber is flexible, transparent, and made of glass or plastic. These are most commonly used to transmit light between the two ends of a fiber, and telecommunication companies like ours use them to conduct transmissions over longer distances. The benefits of using optical fibers over copper wiring are many, but the main ones include:

  • A single optical fiber can carry around 90,000 TV channels.
  • Light transmissions through optical fibers are not affected by other electromagnetic radiation that’s near.
  • Attenuation loss can be as low as 0.2dB/km in the fiber optics, allowing transmission over long distances without having to install repeaters.
  • Optical fibers do not conduct electricity, which prevents problems with ground loops and the conduction of lightning. So, the optical fibers can be strung on pole with high voltage power cables.

And these aren’t even all the benefits that come with using optical fibers! The bottom line is that the optical fibers are more advanced and are used a lot more in the telecommunication industry today. If you own a company that needs fast communications and fewer issues with wiring, you should definitely give us a call to get more in-depth information.Dels Telecom can be reached at (561) 729-3984, and we will be happy to help companies and individuals located in the Stuart, FL area. So, do not hesitate, and contact us today!



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